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Are people Brainwashed to see everything as Sexy?

Why are people encouraged to see everything as sexy?
Is sex bad or wrong according to the Bible?
When we see advertising today, there is a big emphasis on it being sexy.How is a car related to sex ?Other than the back seat there is no correlation to sex.Things used to be viewed as pretty,colorful,beautiful,etc. People need to get back to the principal of thinking for themselves and relating to things in the proper light not as we are brainwashed to see them.
What is wrong with sex? Sex between man and woman was and is natures way of reproducing to keep the earth replinshed with human beings.This was and is God's way of filling the earth with human beings for the purpose of fellowship and friendship with Him and with one another. God did not intend for man (or woman) to have sex with any and everyone they come in contact with.
Sex in any other manner (other than husbnd and wife) is against God whether it be between man and woman--man and man-woman and woman--man and beast-- or whatever way mankind comes up with to have sex. The Bible calls all other forms of sex (other than between husband and wife) a perversion of God's intentions for sex.The three things that perverts mankind's spirit is :(1) The lust of the eyes (2)The lust of the flesh(3) The pride of life. 
For more info. Read from the Bible Romans Chapter 1 

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