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             There are different views about the kingdom of Christ . Some believe that this kingdom will come only in a Spiritual aspect. In other words this will happen gradually as people become more spiritual in their thinking and that Christ will be here only as a spiritual presence and not as a physical being.  Jesus  said that he would return in the same manner that he left .  He left as a physical  being and will return in like manner. (Read Jude :14 thru19)


    The kingdom of Christ will be made up of human beings and spiritual beings here on this earth  for a thousand years  and since satan will be bound for that period of time, travel throughout space and knowledge of outer space(up to the edge of the third heaven) will become commonplace. The things we consider supernatural today will be the natural order of those days. The knowledge of the Lord will be increased and since the Lord created everything ,He will share that knowledge with mankind during that thousand years and continuing  throughout  eternity when all flesh (mortal) has put on  a new body(immortality or a body that will never die, no pain, never grow old, etc.)   (Read  Revelation  20 : verses 1 thru4) Read ( Revelation 21: 1 thru 27 and chapter 22:1thru5)


     After the thousand years of rule and reign with Christ , the earth will take on a different form

Approximately  1500 mile cubic  which will become a part of the third heaven (in other words there will be no outer space as we know it today) and we will travel throughout all of eternity.

   Are you ready for Jesus Christ's return? Have you accepted Him as your Lord and Savior?

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved.

What have you got to gain== Eternal life in the Kingdom.

What have you got to lose== eternal life.



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