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Feeding a Fire already out of control ?


The devil would like for everyone to believe "they are not sinners" and the reason is simple.If everyone believed they are not sinners, then the purpose of Jesus Christ's comming into this world would be for nothing.Jesus said,"I came into this world to seek and save that which was lost.I came not to condemn but to forgive and redeem.
Christ calls all mankind to repent>>>REPENT??? Repent of what?? "SIN"!! God calls Christians(those that know they are sinners and have accetpted God's forgiveness by trusting in Jesus for salvation)to judge sin --not the sinner.As Christians,we are to judge sin and let God judge the sinner! If we judge the sinner,then God reminds us in His Word,"Judge not lest you be Judged.In Short>>Judge the Sin and let God Judge the sinner!!
The Bible calls pornography Sin !

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