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Welcome to That Day and  Hour of the Lord !

Our business is to FREELY  tell others about Jesus Christ and His iminent return. To give a prophetic view from the Bible as to when and why He must return.

Why Must Christ return?
After the church is raptured from the earth,
the world will rapidly begin heading for a
world government  which will be headed by
Europe (they will wind up with 10 nations)
with a leader that will become a world dictator.
(Read Revelation chapter 13  and then
Matthew chapter 24: 21&22) Christ must return
lest mankind destroys themselves.

The Day of the Lord !
The day of the Lord will come not to destroy the Earth but to restore it ! The end of the world(ion)or(age) will be a change in mankinds attitude toward Jesus Christ as Lord. He will rule as King of Kings but not as a dictator! His interest will be in all of his creation including mankind. He could have created us as robots that would not reject his command of LOVE! But He chose to create us with a will to choose.We either choose to obey his command of LOVE or we reject him and follow our own demands and commands of our own will! Choose this day who you will follow!

Although Jesus said "But of that day and hour no man knoweth", He also followed up the question asked him by saying that there would be many signs that would prelude his comming. We won't know the day or the hour, but we will and are instructed to know what and when the signs are. He did not say or imply that we couldn't know  the year. If we are aware of the signs, we then can discern the times. Jesus said "When you see the abomination of desolation (The one who will proclaim himself as god to be worshiped by the whole world) standing in the temple, that will be the beginning of the second half of the tribulation (3 1/2 yrs.) or the great tribulation. Matt.24:13  For more about prophecy --click picture above!

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What are some of the Signs of the Times?
If you study prophecy you will find there are many signs. I will endeavor to list some of them but can't do it in one session,so you'll have to come back periodically to update.
If you want to know where the scripture reference is send me an email for the ones you are interested in.
Click on page 1 for these signs. Thank you for your interest ,comments and questions. I will try to answer your emails promptly as possible.

But of that day and hour,Knoweth no man !

many that willl come claiming to be christ!
Christ will come from the eastern skies !

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